What is Hypnosis?

A state of increased concentration and suggestibility, an altered state of focused awareness.

Although hypnosis may simulate sleep, clients are very much awake and aware of what is going on around them.  In hypnosis, the mind is more receptive to change.  The Hypnotherapist and the client work together as a team to achieve the goal of resolving the clients specific needs.

Are you open to the experience of Hypnosis, to help you make needed changes in your life?

By using the power of your own mind and the guidance of a Certified Hypnotherapist, it is possible to overcome many challenges.  Hypnosis can be a successful solution for people who want positive changes in their life.  Hypnosis is not mind control.  It is actually self-hypnosis, you are in control and  aware of what is happening.

Many issues can be helped or resolved through the use of hypnosis.

Weight Control:  Reinforce your decision to control your weight.  Address the root cause of your weight issues and create good eating habits.

Smoking Cessation:  Kick the habit without the use of pills, patches, or nicotine replacements.  Many clients see results after one session.

Control Fear:  Don’t let fear control you , learn to understand and control what the root cause of your fear is.

Behavior Modification:  Eliminate, control and or modify bad habits and negative behaviors.

Relaxation:  Learn to control anxiety and insomnia, relieve stress and worry.


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